Random Thought #627,888,992,195


A few years ago I tooIMG_7750k this photo while playing tourist somewhere in Massachusetts.  I’m not sure why this planter stood out to me, but it definitely got me to thinking.  What if our thoughts come exploding out of our head like the plants in this photo?  You really can’t see your thoughts so who knows what they look like in the invisible realm.

Do thoughts continue to grow?  If I had a thought a couple of  years ago and forgot about it and then had the same thought again, would it be like a new plant or an old plant that just had some new growth?

How many thoughts can a person have in a day?  How do they fit in our heads all at once?  I think it’s absurd to think that anyone could really measure the number of thoughts that one could have because while they were measuring they would be thinking of something while they were trying to measure and would they count that as two or one?


About Diana

I am a Christian woman who enjoys writing about every day life.
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