Time Travel

If you only had one opportunity to travel in time, would you travel back to the past or into the future?   I’ve given this quite some thought lately and I honestly don’t know what I’d do.  Once I decided which one then it would be hard to narrow a time and place.

If I travel to the past then I could pick a time and place that I was interested in and see it unfold up close.  It would be awesome to hang out with Jesus while He was still on the earth.  It might be cool to watch America’s first colonies get organized, or Leonardo Da Vinci paint the Sistene Chapel, or watch the Pyramids of Egypt being built.   It would also fascinate me to meet some of my relatives from 3 and 4 generations ago.  Which might explain a couple of things for me.  But then again, I would miss the modern luxuries most terribly. I especially would miss the modern bathroom the most, followed by readily accessible food, electricity, heating and air conditioning,  air and automobile travel and my cellphone and iPad of course.  I’m sure there’s a lot more, but those were to name a few.

Now if I were to travel into the future, I might get frightened at what lies ahead.  I may not be able to use the most simplest things because of advances in technologies.  My curiousity would definitely be stimulated and I would not be bored.  Would I travel just enough to see what happens in my life time or would I want to go several centuries into the future?

Next, how would I prepare for my time travel?  What would I wear?  What would I take with me?  That would depend on whether I went forward or backward.

As you can see, it’s not an easy decision.  Given the opportunity, I’m not sure which direction I would choose.



About Diana

I am a Christian woman who enjoys writing about every day life.
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