Spinning Observations

Spinning is one of those activities you either love or hate.   The way I see it there are three types of people who spin.  The first type I like to call ‘insane’ spinners.  They’re the ones who get really intense about their workout.  They pedal at high speeds while their resistance level is set at some superhuman level and they look abnormally happy while they spin.    They’re usually the ones that shout out stuff like “whoohoo” and “keep going”.  For some reason they seem to sweat at superhuman levels too.  I prefer not to sit next to them.  One because I might try to do what they’re doing and end up hurting myself.  Two, because  I don’t want their sweat splashing on me.  And three I’m afraid I might not be able to resist my urge to push them off their bike.

The next type of spinner I like to call the ‘normal’ spinner.  They’re the ones who sit quietly on the bike, set their resistance to challenging but reasonable levels and pray the hour goes by quickly.  They can be heard breathing hard but not grunting like the insane spinners.  They typically listen to the instructor’s instructions but are sane enough to cater the ride to their own abilities.  They look tired when the class is out unlike the insane spinners who only look like they worked out because of the amount of sweat dripping off them.

The last type of spinner I like to call the ‘out there’ spinner.  They’re the ones who spin to their own beat, literally.  They usually pedal at one speed and resistance for the entire hour.   They’re the most entertaining to watch for the normal spinner who’s just trying to distract themselves so the hour will seem to pass more quickly.  The out there’s usually are checking themselves in the mirror, bopping on their bike to the music and oblivious to what’s going on around them or what the instructor is saying.  Sometimes I wonder if they even realize they’re in a spin class.

Now if I was a spin instructor I’m sure I could come up with a few other types of spinners.  I can only imagine what they’ve seen over time.




About Diana

I am a Christian woman who enjoys writing about every day life.
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