Bugs Just Want to Have Fun

Who says bugs can’t be adventurous.  Several weeks ago this leaf looking bug went for a joy ride with me on my car windshield.  At first I didn’t realize this creature was a flying insect until I looked more closely.  Good thing my curiosity got the best of me otherwise this little bug may have become victim to my wiper blades.IMG_3730

I decided to see how long this little flying leaf would stay for the ride.  I expected it take off once I started my engine, but it did no such thing.  Instead it turned itself around and faced the direction of the wind.

Since I take surface streets the entire way to work I wasn’t too worried that the bug would be subjected to intense speeds.  The fastest I managed to drive with my travel mate was 40 m.p.h.    To my surprise the little bug stayed with me for about 4 miles.  He finally left the ride when I took a very sharp turn.  I’m not sure if he left intentionally or was taken out by the cross-winds.

Naturally I started thinking about that poor bug.  Will he try to make his way home?  If not, does he like his new neighborhood?  Does he miss all his bug friends?  Do bugs have friends?  Did he have a bug home?

That little bug gave me the itch to travel.  I like to experience new places and things as well.  You never know where you’ll get your travel incentive.  A little bug on a windshield can be a great little encourager.


About Diana

I am a Christian woman who enjoys writing about every day life.
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