I am a Christian woman who was encouraged by friends to journal my thoughts and experiences. Rather than focus my attention on where I’m going, I’m learning to enjoy the every day things that make life so much fun. This blog is a creative outlet that allows me remember the experiences I have each day.

I participated in this exercise on Facebook a couple of years ago and thought I’d share it here.  Below are 25 random things about me that describe my personality.

1. I’m a Jesus freak. I freaked myself out when I became one because I made fun of them for 20 years. Occasionally, I’m still freaked out by this.  God has a great sense of humor.

2. I have a long term memory like that of an elephant, but I can’t remember what I did 20 minutes ago. In fact, most of the time when I go look for something, I forget what I’m looking for. But, I’ll usually remember it a week later.

3. Dr. Seuss is still my favorite author.

4. When you say to me, “You know what I’m thinking?” it’s guaranteed that I’m not thinking anything close to what you’re thinking. I’m probably not even on the same topic.

5. When you say “Guess what?” I really will try to guess. I get mad when you try to stop me from guessing. This will probably annoy you because you’ll most likely run out of patience before I run out of questions. BTW, I’m a good guesser.

6. Because I have a 2-syllable last name, to make my name sound pleasing, my parents gave me a 3-syllable first name along with a 1-syllable middle name. Likewise, My brother was given a 1-syllable first name and a 3-syllable middle name.

7. If I could have any superpower, I wish I could fly super fast or instantaneously transport myself anywhere in the world. I love to travel and love to experience different cultures.

8. I don’t stand on the ledge of tall buildings because I’m afraid I might jump. See note #7. Jumping out of planes a few of times has helped me with this. Well sort of. I don’t really have the urge so much to jump off buildings, but I do have the urge to jump out of the plane every time I fly anywhere.

9. I’ve been beaten several times at golf by old ladies. I’m against giving large handicaps to senior citizens. Their putting skills make up for the distance they lack.

10. I fear that if I spend too much time on the computer I will forget how to spell.

11. I miss living near my brother.

12. During my college years, I once had to go to the doctor because I had something in my eye. They flushed my eye out, put some drops in it, and taped a giant white patch on the outside of my eye. I had my roommate draw a large eyeball on it with a thick black magic marker. I then went grocery shopping and noticed people staring at me. It severely freaked out my other roommate when he came home from happy hour.

13. I just recently learned you’re not supposed to eat the husk part of a tamale.

14. If you ask me to pick a number 1 through 10, I’ll always pick #1.

15. I like to think about how things got their name. Cowlick is a good example of this.

16. I love meeting new people and old people for that matter.

17. I don’t tend to rely on or necessarily believe anything scientific because it changes too often. Wasn’t the earth once considered flat? Why is indigo not considered part of the Roy G. Biv rainbow colors anymore? How many scientific studies have been done about weight loss? Which one is right? As far as I’m concerned there’s only one truth that’s withstood the test of time. See note #1.

18. I once bunnysat a friend’s rabbit for 10 years.

19. I don’t think of things in terms of black and white. Come to think of it, I don’t think of things in the grey area either. I live in color.

20. I have a hard time reconciling the anal retentive part of my personality with the much larger part of my personality that needs to be spontaneous and creative.

21. Often when I babysit my friend’s children, I overhear them telling their kids “remember, she’s the adult”.

22. Brownies with frosting on them is really cake.

23. It’s fun to wave and smile to random strangers. It cheers them up and keeps them guessing for hours.

24. To entertain myself at airports, I like to observe people and make up stories about them.

25. I generally cheer for the underdog and will never cheer against the Boston Red Sox.