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Bugs Just Want to Have Fun

Who says bugs can’t be adventurous.  Several weeks ago this leaf looking bug went for a joy ride with me on my car windshield.  At first I didn’t realize this creature was a flying insect until I looked more closely.  … Continue reading

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Time Travel

If you only had one opportunity to travel in time, would you travel back to the past or into the future?   I’ve given this quite some thought lately and I honestly don’t know what I’d do.  Once I decided … Continue reading

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Redneck Fun

I’ve lived in different areas of the United States and have also visited several foreign countries and each place has its own unique blend of traditions and cultural nuances. I like to think I am open-minded about experiencing new things … Continue reading

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So I Met an Alien

On a recent trip to Daytona Beach, I had an extraordinary encounter with a prince from another galaxy. The meeting was quite by accident, unless of course you believe in fate or some sort of extraterrestrial involvement. About a year … Continue reading

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Ten Ten Ten

Because today is 10/10/10, I thought it would be fitting to do a top 10 list to honor the date.   Below are 10 things I’ve experienced while in Florida: Defensive driving – I’d venture to guess that the average age … Continue reading

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