imageWhat is it about Instagram that makes people want to post photos of their food or drink? If I were to do an unofficial guesstimate, I would say that about 25% of the posts I see are of food. Before digital cameras, I don’t remember people taking photos of their food and placing them in a photo album or frame. Frankly, it’s not an interesting picture unless it’s on a menu or in a magazine accompanied by an article.

Personally, i don’t care what you’ve just eaten and I don’t want to look at a picture of it. I would rather see a picture of you doing something other than eating. I would like to see some university college student make this phenomena their dissertation project. Just off the top of my head I can come up with a couple of theories: 1. People have forgotten how to have dinner conversation and cell phone photography is a means to fill in the awkward silent moments, 2. People need to take photos of their food so that when people ask what they ate for dinner, they’ll remember, 3. Food has become more interesting and pretty to look at then in the past, 4. The Food Network is secretly using average people to recruit good chefs, 5. My friends are obsessed with food and eat a lot, 6. People are lacking creativity so they take photos of other’s culinary creativity, 7. People are afraid to be different so they do what everybody else does and that’s post pictures of food, or 8. It’s the new way to share a meal with someone without actually being present with them.

Whatever the reason, I think Instagram should come up with a way to limit the amount of food posts to 1 in every 20 or so for each person.

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Selfie Aborption

There seems to be a world-wide preoccupation with selfies.  Are we becoming a narcissistic planet?  We are already have a tendency to be self-absorbed anyways, but social media has taken this absorption to whole new levels.  It seems that the human urge to be recognized or appear significant has really been put on public display.  The like button has become a measuring stick for our own popularity.   We spend more time promoting ourselves than just being ourselves.   Do we really need the entire planet to be able to see what we look like at any given moment?  What if i don’t want people to see me and my friend posts our selfie?  What happened to privacy anyways?

Now I’m all for posting the occasional selfie.  What I’m talking about here are those individuals who post multiple pictures of themselves each day.  They’re not posting pictures of what they’re doing or who they’re with, just pictures of themselves.  It doesn’t appear that they have a reason for posting the picture other than looking at themselves and wanting others to do so too.  Well, how about carrying around a mirror and stop wasting my time looking at you.

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Creative Juices

IMG_0351I think a lot about expressions and often ponder how they might have originated. Lately I’ve been contemplating the term creative juices. For the last several months I haven’t been feeling particularly too creative. Maybe I need to drink some juice to spur on my creativity. The question that comes to mind is, what kind of juice should I drink?

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Does Coffee Really Work?

Now I love the taste of a good cup of coffee in the morning.  But I wonder, does that cup of coffee really make one more alert in the morning?  I don’t think it helped the person who gave me this cup of coffee.  Obviously they were completely confused on which brand of coffee they served me.  IMG_9510Was it Starbucks or Seattle’s Best?

I liken this blunder to be the equivalent to putting a Red Sox hat on someone who’s wearing a Yankee’s uniform. You either love one and hate the other or you don’t drink coffee or follow baseball.  Personally I hate Starbucks and the Yankees and love Seattle’s Best and the Red Sox.

Whoever made this cup of coffee must have been a Yankees fan.

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Bugs Just Want to Have Fun

Who says bugs can’t be adventurous.  Several weeks ago this leaf looking bug went for a joy ride with me on my car windshield.  At first I didn’t realize this creature was a flying insect until I looked more closely.  Good thing my curiosity got the best of me otherwise this little bug may have become victim to my wiper blades.IMG_3730

I decided to see how long this little flying leaf would stay for the ride.  I expected it take off once I started my engine, but it did no such thing.  Instead it turned itself around and faced the direction of the wind.

Since I take surface streets the entire way to work I wasn’t too worried that the bug would be subjected to intense speeds.  The fastest I managed to drive with my travel mate was 40 m.p.h.    To my surprise the little bug stayed with me for about 4 miles.  He finally left the ride when I took a very sharp turn.  I’m not sure if he left intentionally or was taken out by the cross-winds.

Naturally I started thinking about that poor bug.  Will he try to make his way home?  If not, does he like his new neighborhood?  Does he miss all his bug friends?  Do bugs have friends?  Did he have a bug home?

That little bug gave me the itch to travel.  I like to experience new places and things as well.  You never know where you’ll get your travel incentive.  A little bug on a windshield can be a great little encourager.

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